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Mighty Mites Indoor Basketball



While using your garage many basketball drills can be taught:


Dribbling on the floor and advancing to using both hands.


Motor skills like playing where to hold the ball, le. On your head, on your tummy, on your toes, etc.


A Little Tikes goal can be purchased fairly cheap from Amazon or Walmart for shooting drills.


Masking tape or sidewalk chalk can be used to draw lines to have the kids dribble around. This can also be used to separate coach from player to introduce bounce passing as well. Players should be instructed on leading the pass with the opposite foot of their dominant hand. When receiving the pass, the player should always have their hands up to protect their faces as they can become easily distracted.


Red Light, Green Light is a great game for teaching dribbling. When you call "Red Light" players are to stop and assume the triple threat position. While holding the ball firmly the coach can try to gently take the ball away from the player and coach should instruct the player to not let go of the ball.




Jerry Fisher is the Sports Coordinator at Auburn Recreation District and can be reached via email