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Bocce Ball Facilities

Bocce is an international game and sport. Second only to soccer, it is the most played sport in the world. It is one of the earliest known games although the exact time and place of origin are difficult to pinpoint. The game was originally played with polished stones and involved tossing the stones with the intent of coming close to a smaller target stone. Today, bocce ball is a calming, competitive way to spend a few hours outdoors in the pleasant company of friends.


ARD boasts four outdoor tournament-size bocce courts at Recreation Park. Each of these courts are 12 feet wide by 80 feet long, all within a solid concrete surface with synthetic turf as the playing surface.


Eight week leagues will feature teams of four facing off once a week. Teams wll play in a round robin format, culminating with a one match playoff between the top two finishers. All play will be according to US Bocce Federation Open Rules


Each Bocce court can be rented for $20.00 per court in 3-hour blocks: 8-11am, 11am-2pm, 2-5pm, 5-8pm.

  • Half day, 9am-3pm or 3pm-9pm = $110.00
    plus $40.00 custodial fee
  • Full day, 9am-9pm = $220.00
    plus $40.00 custodial fee

First come-first served: If courts are not rented or booked for a tournament, it is open for public use.

Are you ready to host an event? Call 885-8461, Option 6 for availability and click here to go to our Forms Page.

ARD Bocce Ball League FAQs

Bocce is played with two teams of 4 players.

The best way is find 3 friends and sign up. The team captain will be in charge of collecting fees and communicating with ARD.

ARD will provide a list of interested players at the Customer Service Office (530) 885-8461, Option 6. This list will be available for review by the public Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Yes, ARD will provide Professional St. Pierre Sports bocce balls. These balls are 107mm, 920 grams in size, 4 maroon and 4 green including a 60mm pallino. Practice sets of non-regulation sized bocce balls are available to check out from the ARD Customer Service Office.

These games will be added to the end of the regular season.

This is fine for open play. The ARD league will use ARD provided bocce balls. ARD uses a professional set of 107mm balls with a 60mm pallino. The 107mm Bocce Balls weigh 920 grams.

Practice times will not be scheduled, however the ARD bocce courts are available on a first come, first served basis, with the exception of leagues (currently Wed/Thurs.) and reservations. Teams may practice on their own when the courts are available.

Team Captains will be responsible for score keeping and they will report results to the Recreation Services Office for updating league standings.

No, Both divisions are “open” divisions. The two different apply to the days of the week for each league.

ARD is funded primarily by property taxes of residents living in our boundaries. League participants that do not reside within the greater Auburn/Meadow Vista area are charged $5 per person for an out-of-district fee. MUST BRING PROOF OF RESIDENCY IF LIVING IN AUBURN OR MEADOW VISTA. If no proof is provided, players will be charged the $5 fee.

(and Sierra Pool)

123 Recreation Dr  
Auburn, CA 95603  

Bocce Ball courts are located on the East side of Recreation Park