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Field Conditions

Want to make sure an Auburn Rec field is open before head over? Or are you curious if a field is closed due to rain or renovation? Below are three ways to find the answer:

Option 1

Scroll down to view the field you’re interested in.

Option 2

CALL (530) 553-0004 and input appropriate extension from below

Recreation James Field 1 Regional Field “B” 7 Meadow Vista Soccer Field “B” 13
Recreation Beggs Field 2 Regional Field “C” 8 Meadow Vista Baseball Field 14
Recreation Field 3 Regional Soccer Field 9 Christian Valley Baseball Field 15
Railhead Field “A” 4 Winchester Baseball Field 10 Placer Hills Soccer Field 16
Railhead Field “B” 5 Auburn Bike Park 11 Ashley Memorial Dog Park- Main 17
Regional Field “A” 6 Meadow Vista Soccer Field “A” 12 Ashley Memorial Dog Park- Small 18