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Construction kicks off on pickleball courts at School Park Preserve

Traci Newell – Auburn Journal

Auburn is on its way to adding three pickleball courts and a multiuse space at School Park Preserve.

Construction has officially begun on the space, a cement pad which formerly housed school facilities.

The project is a joint effort between the Auburn Area Recreation and Parks District (ARD), Sky View Foundation and the city of Auburn.

ARD Administrator Kahl Muscott said work is ahead of schedule and crews have been busy ripping out the old asphalt and getting the surface to grade.

“We want it to be flat, but we want it to drain at the same time,” he said.

Additional work on the site includes putting in trench and lines for the electrical to the lights and then crews can start the asphalt work. To make the space ADA accessible, the city will work to install a lift on the side of the cement pad.

The total cost of the project was split three ways.

“It’s been a really good partnership,” Muscott said. “Just working with everyone has been great. We love working with the city and they have been great partners. Everyone has been super cooperative.”

Muscott said one thing that makes these courts unique is the concrete amphitheatre seating on the pad, which “provide a unique setting” for pickleball players. Once built, the courts will be on a first-come, first-served basis similar to all their other pickleball facilities.

The posts and sleeves of the court will be easily removable, Muscott said, transforming the space to host events for the community.

Muscott said the goal is for construction to conclude in June.

The concrete has been removed and grading work is ongoing on the multi-use space which will house three pickleball courts at School Park Preserve.


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